Why online gaming is so attracting to majority people?


Online gaming is a video game which is conducted primarily through online or other computer networks. Online gaming often plays with the tools of the modern game of personal computers. Games include shooting, game strategy on a large scale, and the role of the game. The game design will be created from the true sense of the environment and the integration of complex graphics.

The community of online gaming knows that the function of online gaming makes closer between each other and integrate real-life people with existing players. Sometimes, players will confront with criticism in an environment that may induce cyberbullying, violence and xenophobia. In fact, players are also concerned about the addictive game or social stigma.

Online gaming or online casino had highly accepted by huge number of players based on different rank of age, race, and occupation. The content of online gaming has studied in the scientific field as player interaction in relation to behavior and social phenomena in daily life in the virtual community,



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